Who are we?

Emmett Green is an innovative company driving the energy transition. We do this because we are concerned about the climate and global warming. The energy transition is a precondition for greening. We realize that the energy transition is complex. For that reason we combine within one company deep knowledge of electrical engineering, heat, hydrogen, batteries, finance, IoT and algorithms, project management and control of assets.

Emmett Green is een onderneming die de energietransitie aanjaagt. Dit doen we omdat we ons zorgen maken over het klimaat en de aarde.

For whom?

Renewable energy developers, grid operators, investment funds, gardeners and energy intensive industries.

Our results?

Based on our studies, business cases and electrical engineering, we are currently realizing various batteries, private grids for electricity and heat and e-boilers to incorporate renewable energy and bypass congestion. We are involved in hydrogen projects and are implementing industrial heat pumps. Emmett Green provides engineering for TenneT's most complex switching stations. We organized financing for batteries, private grids and solar roofs. Our very own energy management software optimizes a smart grid with batteries, solar panels, wind turbine and fast chargers.

Some of our services:


Well-structured finances are essential for an affordable energy transition to reduce CO2 emissions.

Batterij en opslag

Emmett Green has established relationships with a number of tier-1 suppliers worldwide to get the best value for money delivered.


The Energy Management Software (EMS) is needed to control the local smart grid efficiently and safely.


Engineering is essential for accelerating the energy transition and making the Netherlands more sustainable.

Will you be joining us?

At Emmett Green, we work independently, without elaborate job profiles and procedures. Based on principles and philosophy, rather than rules. All that freedom and responsibility sometimes takes some getting used to. We understand that. After all, it's very different from an organization with patronizing rules, hierarchical structures and a multitude of steering committees.

Finance Student Internship

Marketing coördinator

Thesis Internship Long-term Forecasting

Thesis Internship Semi off-grid

Internship Strategic Consulting

AI/ML Student Internship

Front-End Developer for Energy Management System at Emmett Green

Stagiair Energietransitie

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